What to do with old wedding dress

Wedding dresses are such a big part of the wedding day and many women would like to keep their dress after the big day has passed. Yet, there are so many different opinions on what to do with an old wedding dress and where it should be kept. The only way to know for sure is to find out what others have done. That’s why I’ve created this blog post and you’ll find out all about it in my article below.

Transform it into a christening gown

You may want to get rid of your wedding dress, but maybe you don’t want to throw it away. After all, it’s a beautiful piece of clothing that deserves a second chance. If you’re looking for ways to repurpose your wedding gown, look no further than these ideas.

Repurpose Your Wedding Gown

Many brides have transformed their wedding dress into something new. Some have donated their gowns to thrift stores or charities and others have given them to family members or friends. Others have turned their gowns into quilts or even Halloween costumes. Here are some ideas for how you can repurpose your own wedding dress:

Dress up a doll or baby doll in the gown as part of a fun photo shoot at home or in nature.

Give it away as a gift — either to someone who has always wanted one or someone who needs it (such as a homeless woman).

Turn the dress into jewelry such as earrings or a necklace that you can wear on special occasions like New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day.

Create an art project out of the material from your dress by making fan art, collages or sculptures out of it.


Donate your wedding dress

Your wedding dress was the most beautiful piece of clothing you ever owned, but it’s time to let it go. Donating your dress is a great way to give back to others and make them feel as beautiful as you did on your big day.

Donate Your Dress

Wedding dresses are expensive, so when you’re done with yours, there are many ways you can donate it instead of throwing it away. The most obvious option is giving it to someone who can’t afford their own wedding dress. If there isn’t a charity that accepts used dresses in your area, try contacting local nursing homes or hospitals; they will often use them for formal events or proms. Alternatively, sell your dress on eBay or Craigslist and donate the proceeds to charity.

If you’re feeling crafty, consider turning your gown into a pillowcase or quilt — they can make excellent gifts for friends and family members who weren’t able to attend your wedding but would love something personal from the event. You could also transform a simple bridal gown into a fairy costume by adding tulle skirts and wings; this would be perfect for Halloween or other costume parties!

Refashion the dress into a cute sundress.

If you’re going to be wearing the dress again, keep it in good condition by having it dry-cleaned. But if you’ve decided that you’re never going to wear your wedding dress again and want to get some use out of it, here are some ideas:

Refashion the dress into a cute sundress. Take off the sleeves and hem the bottom of the dress to make it shorter. The bodice is made of a sturdy fabric so it’ll hold up well in this process.

Turn it into a Halloween costume. Cut off the sleeves and add black tulle around the neckline for a witchy look. You can also use black tulle or lace to create some sleeves for this costume.

Turn it into a super-cute prom dress! Cut off all of the lace and trim from your gown and add sparkly sequins instead! This will make your night even more magical than before!

Preserve your wedding dress in a shadow box

Preserve your wedding dress in a shadow box

If you want to preserve your wedding dress and display it as a memory, this is the perfect way to do it. You can create a shadow box with a photo of you and your groom on your wedding day and then place your gown inside. This is also a great way to save money if you don’t have enough space in your closet for all of your gowns.

Donate it

If you don’t want to keep it or display it, there are many organizations that will be glad to take donations from you. Donate it to an organization like Dress for Success or Cancer Care Alberta (they will even come pick up). You could also give to organizations like the Red Cross who provide relief after natural disasters like hurricanes.

Repurpose your wedding dress into pillows, curtains and more

Once the wedding is over, you might be left with one more thing to do: what to do with your wedding dress.

If you’re like most brides, you’ve spent a lot of time and money on your dress and want to make sure it’s properly preserved. Here are a few ideas for how to repurpose your dress after the big day:

Keep it as a keepsake. If you don’t want to part with your dress after all, there’s no shame in keeping it as a keepsake — just make sure that you take good care of it so that it doesn’t get damaged over time.

Repurpose into pillows or curtains. One option is to cut up the gown into smaller pieces and use them for other projects around the house such as pillows or curtains. You’ll need some sewing skills for this one!

Make a quilt out of all your bridesmaids’ dresses. This idea works best if all of your bridesmaids have different colored dresses so that they complement each other well when pieced together into a quilt pattern. They’ll love having something special from their big day that they can use year-round too!

Turn your dress into a handbag or tote bag

Your wedding dress is one of the most beautiful and special garments you’ll ever wear. You may want to keep it forever, but eventually it’s time to pass it along to someone else who will cherish it just as much.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to give your wedding dress a second life, from using it as inspiration for a new design or altering it into something entirely different. Here are some ideas on how to give your wedding dress new life:

Turn it into a piece of art.

If you have a creative streak, consider turning your gown into a piece of art by adding embellishments like sequins or beads, then framing it on your wall or hanging in the foyer of your home. If you’re not up for the task yourself, consider hiring an artist or seamstress who specializes in this kind of work.

Use it as inspiration for new designs.

Your wedding dress can be used as inspiration when designing future bridal collections — whether that means creating dresses with similar details or simply incorporating elements from your gown into future designs (like a lace-trimmed bodice).


Hang it on the wall as art

We all know someone who has framed their wedding photos or their invitation. Why not do the same with your wedding dress? The fabric will make for a beautiful display and you’ll have a reminder of your special day every time you walk past it in your living room or bedroom. You can also use any other keepsakes from your wedding day like flowers, shoes or even a veil. Just be sure to treat them gently since they’re fragile items and hang them up using museum-quality mounting pins so they don’t fall off over time.

You can still make use of an old wedding dress even if you don’t want to wear it again

Repurpose it as a costume. If you don’t mind wearing your wedding dress again, consider making it into a costume for a future party or other event. You could also sell it to someone who wants to use it for this purpose.

Turn it into a pillowcase or quilt block. There are many people out there who love using vintage linens in their homes and would love to have a piece of your wedding day history in their home. You can sell these items on Etsy or at local antique stores, where they are sure to find some buyers!

Donate it to charity or donate it directly to someone in need. This is one of the most important uses for your old wedding dress because it helps those who need clothing most and may not be able to afford new clothes for themselves or their families. You can donate through organizations like Dress for Success, Goodwill or Salvation Army locations around the country. Press Tab to write more…


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