How much do nail techs make

If you’re looking to become a nail technician, one of the first questions you’ll likely have is: how much do nail techs make? It’s a valid question. After all, it’s important to know how much money you can expect to make before you commit to something like becoming a nail technician. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there that can help answer this question and provide insight into the salary potential for this career path. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the factors that go into determining how much do nail techs make and what the typical salary range looks like for those in this profession. Let’s get started!

The average salary for a nail tech in the United States

According to the United States Department of Labor, the average salary for a nail tech in the United States is $24,040 per year. This salary can vary depending on experience, location, and other factors.

Nail techs in the United States typically earn an hourly wage. The average hourly wage for a nail tech is $11.59. However, this wage can vary based on experience and location. For example, nail techs in New York City typically earn a higher wage than those in other parts of the country.

Salaries for nail techs can also vary based on the type of salon they work in. For example, those who work in high-end salons may earn a higher salary than those who work in more modest establishments.


The different types of nails and their salaries

There are many different types of nails and their salaries. The most common type of nail is the acrylic nail. Acrylic nails are made from a liquid and a powder, which are mixed together and then applied to the natural nail. They can be either clear or colored, and are often decorated with glitter or other designs. Acrylic nails typically last 2-3 weeks before needing to be redone. The average salary for an acrylic nail technician is $35,000 per year.

Gel nails are another type of popular nail. Gel nails are applied in a similar manner to acrylic nails, but use a gel instead of a powder. They cure under ultraviolet light and last much longer than acrylic nails, often up to 6 weeks. The average salary for a gel nail technician is $37,000 per year.

Shellac nails are a newer type of nail that combines the best features of both gel and acrylic nails. Shellac is applied like gel, but cured with UV light like acrylics. Shellac nails last 2-3 weeks and do not require the use of harsh chemicals to remove them. The average salary for a shellac nail technician is $39,000 per year.

Nail techs’ responsibilities

As a nail technician, you will be responsible for providing your clients with professional nail care services. This includes performing manicures and pedicures, as well as applying gel polish and acrylics. You will also be responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment, as well as keeping your equipment in good working condition. In addition to these responsibilities, you will also need to keep up with the latest trends in the nail industry and be able to provide your clients with the latest styles and designs.

The benefits of being a nail tech

As a nail technician, you have the opportunity to make people feel good about themselves. You can use your creativity to design beautiful nails, and your skills to provide professional services that leave your clients feeling pampered and confident. In addition to the satisfaction you’ll get from making your clients happy, being a nail technician also offers some great financial benefits.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for nail technicians was $24,700 in May 2019. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $17,710, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $41,770. So, as a skilled nail technician, you can expect to earn a comfortable wage.

In addition to a steady paycheck, many nail technicians also receive tips from their clients. The amount of money you can earn in tips will depend on the quality of your work and the level of service you provide. But if you’re good at what you do and provide excellent customer service, it’s not uncommon for nail technicians to earn several hundred dollars in tips each month.

Another great benefit of being a nail technician is that it’s a relatively low-cost business to start up. If you’re considering starting your own business, you’ll need to invest in some basic equipment and supplies. But compared to other businesses, the startup costs for a nail salon are relatively small. And once you’re up and running, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your business by adding new services or expanding

How much do nail techs make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for nail techs in 2018 was $24,850 per year, or $11.96 per hour. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $19,790, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $39,560.

Nail techs typically work in salons, spas, and other personal care establishments. Some nail techs may also work in department stores or cosmetic stores. Many nail techs are self-employed and rent space from a salon owner or work from home. Nail techs usually work full time but may have irregular hours due to the need to accommodate their clients’ schedules.

Most states require nail techs to be licensed. Requirements vary by state but generally include completing an approved training program and passing a written and/or practical exam.”


Where do nail techs work?

Nail techs can find work in a variety of places, from salons and spas to resorts and cruise ships. Some nail techs even work from home, providing mobile services to clients. Wherever they work, nail techs must be able to provide a clean, comfortable environment for their clients.

In order to maintain a steady clientele, many nail techs rent space in a salon or spa. This allows them to have a dedicated workspace and access to other amenities that may be beneficial to their business, such as receptionists and advertising opportunities. Of course, renting space can also be expensive, so some nail techs opt to work from home instead.

Mobile nail techs travel to their clients’ homes or workplaces to provide services. This can be a convenient option for busy people who don’t have time to visit a salon or spa. Mobile services can also be more affordable than salon services since there is no overhead costs for the nail tech.

Some nail techs find work on cruise ships or at resorts. These positions often come with great perks, like free travel and accommodations. Cruise ship jobs can be very competitive, so it’s important to have experience and training before applying for these positions.

Wherever they work, all nail techs must abide by state and local regulations regarding sanitation and safety. They should also have liability insurance in case of any accidents or injuries that occur while they are working.

What are the hours like for a nail tech?

Nail technicians typically work during regular business hours. Many salons are open from early morning to late evening, seven days a week. This means that there are a variety of shifts available for nail techs. Some techs may work only a few days a week, while others may work full-time.

The hours you work will largely depend on the salon you work for and the demand for services. For example, if you work in a busy salon, you may be required to work evenings and weekends to accommodate your clients’ schedules. Alternatively, if you work in a slower salon, you may have more flexibility in your schedule.

Ultimately, the hours you work as a nail tech will be dictated by the needs of your clients and your employer. However, most techs can expect to work regular business hours during the week with some potential for evening and weekend shifts.

What are the drawbacks of being a nail tech?

There are a few drawbacks of being a nail tech that you should be aware of before starting your career. For one, the job can be physically demanding as you will be on your feet for long periods of time and working with your hands. There is also a lot of standing and bending involved which can lead to back and foot problems if you don’t take care of yourself. Additionally, the chemicals used in the salon can be harsh on your skin and nails if you’re not careful. And finally, because it is a service industry, your income will largely depend on how many clients you have and how often they visit the salon.

How can i become a nail tech?

The average salary for a Nail Technician is $21.24 per hour. The best-paid 25 percent made $29.59 or more per hour, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $16.73 or less per hour.

To become a licensed nail technician, you’ll need to complete a cosmetology program that’s been accredited by either the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) or the Council on Occupational Education (COE). These programs typically take about six months to complete, although longer programs are available. Once you’ve completed your program, you’ll need to pass both a written and practical exam administered by your state’s cosmetology board in order to get your license.


Being a nail technician can be financially rewarding. With the right training, certification and experience, there are numerous opportunities to make an attractive salary. While the exact amount of money you will make depends on many factors such as your qualifications or location, you can rest assured that if you become a successful nail tech it can be a great career choice with potentially lucrative returns.


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